“Dominique is a gentle, intelligent and gifted massage therapist. My sessions with her have always left me feeling peaceful, replenished, and optimistic.”

-- AST , New York, NY


“I am 64 years old with osteoarthritis.  I started working with Dominique during a period of acute pain immediately before having total hip replacement surgery.  Her treatments reduced the muscle spasms and ameliorated the pain.  I could finally sleep without drugs which at the time felt like a miracle.  Massage was also a key component to my post-surgical healing and recovery which was very fast.  I continue to see her regularly because I have experienced the benefits first hand and have grown to trust her clinical judgment and therapeutic good sense.  Dominique is not the first therapist I have worked with but she is definitely among the best.”  

-- DCD


“It's not just her hands (which alone would be quite enough) - it's her interest in all that affects our bodies, and her non-discriminatory approach to all that can heal it. Her session of combined deep tissue and Reiki was the closest I can imagine to getting a massage from a Jedi.”

-- Alessandro Magania


“I have had two massages with Dominique and both were deeply satisfying and relaxing experiences.

Dominique has a peaceful and deeply caring presence that immediately put me at ease. Even before the massage began, I knew I would be in good hands.  Then the massage starts.  I told Dominique that I'd been having chronic tension in my shoulders and she proceeded to focus deeply in that area.  When I left, I felt more open than I had in weeks. I am a runner and without having to tell her, she zeroed in on my IT band (?) running along the side of my right leg that is constantly tight.   I had forgotten to mention that tightness and she was intuitive and sensitive enough to know that that was a troublesome spot for me.

The tranquil atmosphere in Dominique's studio also helps  to calm my mind and body.

I can not wait until my next massage.  Without any hesitation, I can swear to you that she is one of the best masseuses I have found in New York.” 

-- Teacher and performer, New York City


“I have been Dominique's patient for about 4 years. Seeing her has always been helpful. She is a very knowledgeable practitioner who is willing to go the extra mile to help her patients improve. It is impossible to have a bad experience with her. She is very caring.”  

-- Frances T., age 65


“Dominique has come to my rescue several times.  She has also rescued several of my friends, loved ones, and co-workers in their times of trial, usually during the run of a show -- and has consequently saved the show.  She is quickly becoming a saint of downtown theater.”

-- Ben Williams, performer, technician

“This woman not only takes care of you, she cares for you.

She helps you remember that the body is always learning. Always learning and therefore always teaching. Your body is always teaching you something, something that it has learned. And it’s hard to listen. But when you go see Dominique, you get the chance.

When she puts her hands on you, the boundaries that separate our spiritual innards from each other’s sort of dissolve if you let them. It sounds far-fetched and incredulous to say that, but it’s the truth. And hers is the kind of spirit with which you can only benefit by communing.

People who can kick your ass are always your best bet in a healer. And Dominique Bousquet can completely kick your ass. But only if you ask her to.  She is a kick-ass healer.

 Would that I could go to her once a week. But I only manage to get to her really when I am broken in some way or other. She always manages to put me back together again, with confidence, care, and a profound personal grace. Thanks for being here with us, Dominique.”

-- S.K., writer, performer